How I come up with ideas.

The designs of my cakes and cupcakes are always based on my client’s wants. But when they give you artistic liberty inside of a theme how do you decide what to do? I like to browse social media.(like Instagram, Pinterest and watch YouTube videos) so that I can see what others have done and draw inspiration. Inspiration is a loose thing. Some people ask where an idea came from and I have to say¬†I honestly don’t know. There are other times when you are given such a specific idea that it’s harder to make it your own. Especially when they give you a cake they want replicated. The one on the left is the cake I made for a baby shower while the one on the right is the design they wanted. So no matter what, I try to make every cake unique. As you will see though, some of my cakes were made as replicas to other designs as well. So really where I come up with ideas is not something that has a concrete answer but instead one that changes for every cake or dessert.20171205_111014-COLLAGE.jpg

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