I started off the holiday baking season today with some cookie decorating. I went to a friend’s house and as tradition we decorated some gingerbread cookies. Nothing to me screams Christmas like some Christmas cookies. I used a variety of techniques in my cookies to achieve different looks to them.

I found some great tutorials here. It gave great step by step tutorials that give stunning cookies. When I decorate I tend to stick to one major colour and as you may notice only one of the cookies’s main colour isn’t white. For some of the cookies like the star I stuck with a ridiculously simple swirl that gave an elegant effect.

For the heart I went for a more modern approach with an uneven border and jagged christmas colour lines. For this I started with an all white background and added diagonal red and green lines before dragging a toothpick both ways through them to achieve this effect.

I used sprinkle borders on the bell, angel and gingerbread man to different degrees. I like using the sprinkles to add some dimension without the help of a lot of different colours and tools. Because this was a fun event there was not many colours or other things to choose from which is half the fun. Hopefully I’ll be able to add much more of my holiday bakes this year 🙂


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