Track and field cake

This week I had my track and field banquet and as it was a potluck I offered to bring a cake. For the cake since it was around the holidays I was going to make a festive themed cake. I kind of forgot about this until I was halfway through making a classy black and white track and field cake.

I started with the bottom two layer chocolate tier and decided I wanted to do a marble effect. How I do this is I take my white fondant and add some food coloring. I always use gel for the strong color. I mix it in until I can see streaks of color and then I roll it out. The streaks become the marble effect.

I covered it and before I trimmed the fondant close to the cake I decided I liked how it made the cake look like a marble pedestal when it covered the board as well. So I left it as it was.

The top tier was a four layer vanilla cake and I started by covering it with white fondant. Then I took a panel of black which I cut in a kind of big triangle before wrapping it around the cake. This made the small ends meet and left an inverted triangle of white.

The silhouette of the sprinter was made from a stencil picture I printed out and then cut out. I rolled the fondant to and 1/8 inch thick and put it in the fridge to firm up before I cut it. I glued it on with a but of clear piping gel in the inverted triangle of white.

I was overall happy with the result and the way the top tier looked like it was sitting on a marble pedestal. Everyone at the banquet was impressed by how it looked and how it tasted as well.

The final result

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