Gravity Defying m&m’s Cake

Over the holidays I had the chance to make my first gravity defying cake. The person it was for loves m&m’s so it was only fitting to make a cake with a ridiculous amount of m&m’s.

The cake itself is simply an 8″ chocolate cake I baked in two layers and filled with chocolate buttercream. I then crumb coated it, chilled it and then put the final layer on. Crumb coating is a thin layer of icing that holds all of the crumbs to the cake so they don’t show up in the final layer.

The circumference of the cake is Kit Kats that I broke into individual pieces and attached one by one.

This actually worked out a lot better than I was expecting as the Kit Kats all stuck to the cake without any assistance.

After I added the Kit Kats I began to work on the gravity defying m&m spilling out of the bag. First I cut one of the two bags i had instead of ripping it so it was still intact. Next I attached three dowels together in a sort of pyramid with chocolate. Once the chocolate was set I covered the pyramid in chocolate and rolled it in m&m’s. I let that set and added some more m&m’s where there was spaces using more melted chocolate.

I inserted the dowel pyramid into the centre of the cake but, I did not measure how far the m&m’s needed to be to reach the top of the cake so they were not covering the entire dowel once it was inserted. I simply glued more m&m’s on using melted chocolate before covering the rest of the cake with m&m’s.

All that was left was the bag. I attached it by putting it on an angle and resting it on the m&m dowel.

All in all I was happy with the result and hope you try this cake yourselves. It’s a lot easier than you think 🙂

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