What is a crumb coat?

A lot of people wonder how I get the outside edges of my iced cakes crumb free. The way I do this is a process called crumb coating.

To a lot of people it may seem the same as just icing the cake but it’s a very important step that’s completely worth the crumb free outer coat.

To crumb coat you want to fill and stack the cakes and then ice them with a very thin layer of icing that will glue the crumbs to the cake.

As soon as you have iced the cake with this thin coat you will want to put it in the fridge to chill. You want to chill it until the icing does not come away on your finger.

The crumb coat does not have to be perfect because your final coat will take care of that.

While icing make sure none of the excess used while crumb coating goes in with the rest of the icing or it will make the rest of your icing crumby.

As you can tell a crumb coat does not have to be perfect 🙂

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